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Steps 21.9: Printing PowerPoint Handout & Speaker Notes

Then we can choose to print one side only or print on both sides. You can also choose the Collated or Uncollated version. Lastly you can change the colors.

Print PowerPoint Documents Multiple Slides Per Page

You can choose to print in Color or if you want to save ink or your printer is white and black here you can choose to print in grayscale tones or even in black and white. The standard and most basic way to print your notes or speaker notes in PowerPoint is to have thumbnail image of your slide with the notes directly beneath the thumbnail image of your slide. To see how to not only print your slides with notes like this but also how to customize your slide handouts with your company's contact information, see the short video below.

Note: If you are distributing your notes as handouts before or after your presentation, I recommend customizing your notes. Note: In the picture above, I used the Header and Footer dialog box to add my email address and website address.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

To print your PowerPoint notes as handouts with multiple slides per page, you need to first push your slides to Microsoft Word using the Create Handouts command. Selecting 'Notes next to slide,' PowerPoint pushes your slides into Microsoft Word in a table format that you can then format in Word as you normally would. For some Microsoft Office tricks you can pull off in this format including getting your real slide title names into the table using the Outline view , see the video tutorial below. Yes, you can print JUST your PowerPoint notes no slide thumbnail images without messing up your presentation by deleting things on your Notes Master not recommended.

Office 2011 for Mac: Print Your PowerPoint Presentation

To see how to pull this off using a combination of the Create Handouts command and the Outline View in PowerPoint, see the short PowerPoint video tutorial below it will make the most sense that way. The steps above push your slides into Microsoft Word in a table format.

Once your notes are in this format, there are a lot of interesting customizations you can quickly pull off including:. To see how to get to the result pictured below, see the video above. Assuming you have comments in your presentation, you can pint those in any of the PowerPoint Handout or Outline views.

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Your first page will be the handouts themselves with the comment marked on the slide. The second will be the actual comments.

How to Save Powerpoint as PDF on Mac (Catalina Included)

As this tends to waste a lot of printer paper and ink, I recommend using the 9-slide layout a unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise. This very popular arrangement prints pictures of three slides on the left, along with lines for notes on the right, on each page. This handout option is the only one that prints note-taking lines.

You can find this option in the Print What pop-up menu in the Print dialog.

Choose Handouts 3 Slides per Page from the pop-up menu. The other handout options print pictures of the slides in various arrangements that you can see in the preview when you select them. Another popular style of printing is to print the Notes view.