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The ingredients are almost identical to what I use in my own mac-n-cheese with the exception of the sour cream. I top it off with freshly grated mild Cheddar Cheese. The Gruyere cheese is not a cheese carried in most of the supermarkets I visit. I have not made any special effort to find it but I am very curious about how it will taste, along with the other cheeses, in a mac-n-cheese dish. In regards to the various milks, I always use 2 cans of evaporated milk along with some whole milk in my homemade mac-n-cheese because I prefer the taste.

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Besides, whose to say Ms. Robbie did not use evaporated milk but had it edited out of the footage to protect her recipe?!?!? A lot of the restaurants will mention that they use secret ingredients OR they will show you all the ingredients they use but not give you the proportions, exact measurements, baking temperature or baking time to protect their recipes. Robbie let us see her put those heaping spoonfuls of sour cream in there, though! I never would have thought of using sour cream otherwise.

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! It adds a nice tang to the final product! Gruyere is an awesome cheese — it melts really well, but it is expensive. I have found it in my local food warehouse and shred and freeze it in 2 cup increments. I rarely use pre-shredded cheeses because there is usually cornstarch or other additives to keep the shreds from sticking, and I find it works better if I shred my own.

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I split the recipe in half, used White Vermont Cheddar! Some like different kinds of cheeses and some like varying degrees of gooey goodness. Hope this helps! You have to keep your eye on the screen when watching the video from DDD. Just before the whole milk Miss Robbie poured in the evaporated milk out of a pitcher. It was going so fast that it is easy to miss it. So your recipe is right on point. Thanks for the feedback! I saw the video also and she also used 5 eggs. I know that a lot of people are complaining about the recipe, but the video is still being shown and I just watched it again.

Ms Patti Labelle vs Ms Robbie Montgomery: Who has the better mac & cheese recipe?

We made this for Christmas, and it was great! I made a half pan for this and it was great. However, it was really buttery. I used 1 stick. Did anyone else have problems with the butter? I just kinda eyeballed the elbows for the half pan I made and used 1 stick. I might not have made enough pasta for it. Any suggestions? The entire batch turns out really buttery, too.

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I stir mine partway through cooking and then let it brown on top. Many people make this recipe using only one stick of butter successfully. Just remember to use whole milk products versus no or low fat versions since the dish needs the fats to bind everything together! Remember it is the fats that help to bind the ingredients together.

I think so long as you are using evaporated milk, whole milk, and regular sour cream, it should be okay to eliminate some butter.

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I made a whole batch for a party and had part of a pan leftover I use the disposable pans for parties. I gave the leftovers to one of the people who LOVED it, and apparently he ate the rest of the pan on the way home in the car. Can you make this recipe the night before an event and then combine and cook it the next day?? I am worried that the ingredients would not combine correctly.

Thank You Jeff F. I think it would be safe to grate the cheese and combine those ingredients, but I would wait to cook the pasta and combine until ready to put into the oven. One thing that I usually do is to stir it about halfway through cooking, but then let the top get crispy. Super rich and yummy! Thank You. I appreciate your help with this. Jeff F.

I just made this recipe and it is delicious. I only used one stick of butter and it turned out great. I made this mac n cheese for my daughters birthday party. I omit the pepper and salt. Everyone loved it, this mac and cheese was so good ,Thanks! This looks amazing Mama! Also, for the deep dish foil pan, what were the dimensions?

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I want to make sure I buy one big enough. Thanks so much! I know that some people only use one stick of butter successfully, but make sure you use whole milk because you need the fats to bind it together. I made a batch for a family get together and one of the guests loved it so much I gave him the rest of the pan to take home. I heard that he finished it off in the car! I used the large, extra deep lasagna foil pan and put it onto a sheet pan to put it into the oven to make it easier to handle.

I like the custard-ee taste of the eggs combined with the cheese. This sounds good too, but sooooo much. I like that one, too. Alton Brown has a good one, too. I made this recipe way back in the spring for our Easter dinner. Made the mac n cheese very creamy which many people liked. I did too, I was raised on creamy mac n cheese so that might be why. I just followed the recipe. I know many others who have used less butter or different cheeses with success, but remember to use whole milk products as it is the fats that bind the mixture together. As far as shredding cheese — I shred all of mine.

The pre-shredded stuff includes other ingredients that, in my opinion, affect the taste and could alter the recipe. I would never make mac and cheese in the crockpot. I would use a recipe designed to be made in the crockpot. There are several out there. I made it in the crockpot and brought it to a family dinner and it was awesome everyone ate it all coming back for seconds and thirds. Thank you for sharing that information! I worry about pasta in the crockpot being soggy so really appreciate you sharing your experience!

Do you think it would alter the taste at all if you add a little ground mustard powder? I think it would be fine to add the mustard! I was at the restaurant one time when they were actually filming their show for OWN. This dish is so full of other, rich ingredients that it will easily serve more than 8 and, again, depending on how many other side dishes you have, it will serve more.

Why is it when I make this dish it comes out sitting in a pool of greasy butter? Am I the only one this happens to? Am I doing something wrong?

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Am I not mixing it enough or not leaving it in the oven long enough? How do I keep this from happening? It tastes great, but I would love to alleviate that happening. Any help or suggestions? Are you using whole milk?


You need the fat to help bind the ingredients together. Also, someone else posted that they use less butter successfully. When I make it, I sometimes give it a stir partway through baking, but let it bake long enough to get that nice crusty top and edges which are my favorite parts. Another thought — are you using a large enough pan? I think you need the surface area to make properly. No matter what, it is very rich! Thank you!