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By Topher Kessler. The firmware password utility is available in the Utilities menu in the OS X installer, be it an installation DVD or a recovery partition click for larger view.

Mac SSD not Booting? Try 5 Fixes to Boot up Your Mac

If a firmware password is set on your system, then you will not be able to boot to Safe Mode or other modes like single-user mode or verbose mode. You will also not be able to perform any hardware resets such as resetting the PRAM, or choose an alternative boot volume without first supplying the firmware password. Therefore, to test if your system has a firmware password set, try booting with the Option key held down to get to the boot menu.

If you see the menu appear and display your main boot drive, then you do not have a firmware password, but if you see a password prompt appear, then you do have one set and will need to use the firmware password utility to remove it before Safe Mode will work. Do keep in mind that while a forgotten firmware password could easily be reset in older Mac systems by removing hardware components like RAM, Apple has changed this in newer systems. For models from around mid through early , if you set a firmware password and forget the password, then you will have to take the system in to an Apple store to have the password reset.

What to do when keyboard commands don’t work at startup on your Mac | Macworld

Part of the PRAM's contents is a boot argument variable that can contain flags for booting to Safe Mode among other modes, and resetting the PRAM will ensure these flags are clear from influencing how the system boots. Hold them until the system automatically reboots when it does this the volume of the boot chimes may be louder or softer , and then release them and allow the system to boot normally. Try a different keyboard Sometimes errors in the keyboard or in the USB connection for it may prevent the system from accepting boot commands sent to it.

Therefore, you can try troubleshooting the keyboard to see if you can get the Shift key press to be accepted at startup.

How To Fix Mac Stuck At Boot Screen Using Single-User Mood...(A must watch for apple users)

One option here is to try a different USB connection on your Mac, and another option is to try another keyboard altogether. FileVault can be disabled by clicking this button which will say "Turn Off" if FileVault is already on.

What's new in macOS Catalina?

When First Aid is finished, restart your Mac normally. You should use this startup mode only for troubleshooting and not for running day-to-day applications.

Press return or enter after you type the above line. Fsck will start and display status messages about your startup disk. When it finally finishes this can take a while , you will see one of two messages. The first indicates that no problems were found. The second message indicates that problems were encountered and fsck attempted to correct the errors on your hard drive. If you see the second message, you should repeat the fsck command again.

MacBook Pro Command+s not working

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He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. There are three methods of getting around this problem. Safe Mode: This is a special booting method that forces your Mac to perform an automatic disk check and repair as it tries to start up. Single User Mode fsck : This is another special startup method that allows you to run command line utilities, such as fsck, which can verify and repair hard drives.