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FrostWire Bitcoin donations are being diverted into our main open source projects frostwire-desktop , frostwire-android , frostwire-common and frostwire-jlibtorrent. We are hard at work on the next generation of FrostWire 6, if you paid attention to the names of our repositories, or if you follow this blog, you may have read about the frostwire-jlibtorrent project.

Love FrostWire? Consider donating. Install FrostWire via Google Play. Share files between phones, tablets and computers without any networking know-how. Just make files publicly available by opening padlock icons next to the files and every device running FrostWire will be able to download and even stream music or video from each other.

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It just works. As FrostWire searches it remembers the files it's seen in the past to make your next searches instantaneous.

FrostWire also taps on SoundCloud. Integration with more popular cloud services to come in the next releases. When you download and install FrostWire you must agree that you will not use it for the purpose of copyright infringement otherwise the software won't work. FrostWire condemns copyright infringement.

Downloading FrostWire does not constitute permission or a license for obtaining or distributing unauthorized files. It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission. If you want to know about legal content you can download and distribute legally please visit FrostClick. Try it now on your Android Before the rest gets it on Google Play.

If you touch the indicators, FrostWire will show you only the shared ones, the un-shared ones, or all the files. Very useful if you just shared a file and you want to unshare it, or viceversa, specially when you have hundreds or thousands of files in your device.

Try the Android 1. The answer is that FrostWire is perfectly legal to use. Many artists including musicians and filmmakers have teamed up with FrostWire to distribute their work because traditional channels are unwilling to. That way, millions of people worldwide are able to experience their work that they would otherwise be unable to.

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These are only a few of the legal ways that FrostWire is used every day to share files. In addition, FrostWire is also used much like BitTorrent is to share Creative Commons-licensed works like ebooks, music, and art which are free to distribute by anyone as long as the original creator is credited with the work. FrostWire is one of the most valuable tools to freely share content on the Internet and with more users discovering it every day it is becoming more and more valuable. FrostWire is the first peer-to-peer application to be made available as a smartphone app.

After installing FrostWire for Android, users can share files with other Android users and also users of desktop versions of FrostWire. Like the regular version of FrostWire, searches are fast and simple, often finishing in under 30 seconds. Secure and private chat messaging has also been ported. For users who are worried about sharing private files, FrostWire for Android makes it easy to select exactly which files they want to make available to other users on the FrostWire network. Auto-updating also ensures that the latest features and fixes are available to mobile users.

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To get started, just scan the QR code in this post or search the Android Market. For new users, one of the most frustrating things about downloading files with FrostWire is often how slow it is. A search for a song or movie may return hundreds of results, but after queuing it for download, it may take hours or even days to complete.

We will share several tips on how to speed up your FrostWire downloads in this post. To speed up your downloads, you will want to examine the hosts that you are downloading from. After conducting a search, the FrostWire search results will have several columns.

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The most important for our purposes are the Quality, Bandwidth, and number columns. Quality indicates whether the host is behind a firewall and has free upload slots for you to use. Try to look for hosts with four stars.

FrostWire Team Calls it Quits After Google Deletes Android App - TorrentFreak

Avoid hosts that only have one or two stars. The more stars the better. Bandwidth is self-explanatory.

FrostWire: BitTorrent So Easy

Look for hosts that have higher bandwidth since that will directly translate into faster downloads. The number, or , column tells you how many hosts are sharing the file you are downloading. A higher number means that you have a better chance of finding a host with a free upload slot and faster upload speed. One of the main reasons that it can take days to finish downloading a file is that you are queued in a long line of downloaders from a particular host so the more hosts who are sharing the file the better the chances that you are able to wait in a shorter line.

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It is also possible that a host who you are connected to will disconnect from the FrostWire network so you will want to be able to find other hosts who can help you complete your download. FrostWire is just one of dozens of competing peer-to-peer file sharing applications so why choose FrostWire over any of the other apps? Besides the enormous library of content that FrostWire users share with each other and the talented programmers who update FrostWire with the latest features, there are 7 more reasons to download FrostWire:. FrostWire is open source under the GPL license.

Anyone can take the source and modify FrostWire in any way they like. FrostWire is secure. FrostWire is social. A large user community ensures that FrostWire users are able to connect with like-minded file sharers. FrostWire is compatible with all operating systems. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can all install and run FrostWire on their computers with no compatibility issues or bugs.

FrostWire supports independent artists. Indie film makers and musicians have their work featured in FrostWire so they can get wider recognition and distribution of their work. FrostWire is extensible.

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Plugins can be built to be integrated into FrostWire and extend the capabilities that are already built in. FrostWire is one of the most popular ways to download movies online. Almost any film can be found in the FrostWire network since thousands of users are online at any single time. If needed, users can also access movies via torrent sites which are regularly updated with new content on a daily basis.