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You can find the text expansion utility by launching System Preferences, which can be found as an icon in the Dock, or by accessing the Apple menu and selecting System Preferences.

Select the Text button along the top of the Keyboard preference pane window to open the text expansion and spell checking services built into your Mac. You should see a number of example text expansions already included, such as the copyright symbol expansion and email address expansion mentioned earlier.

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To edit an existing item, double-click or tap the text you wish to change, such as the example email address in the email expansion item. Once selected, you can replace the default My EmailAddress.

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One trick is to precede the shortcut with a character you rarely use, such as the left or right bracket. As an example, if you wished to have a shortcut to enter your home address, you could use ]home instead of the very common word home.

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First, Automator is now able to create Quick Action items, and second, the new Finder Quick Action feature of Mojave allows you to access an Automator action. One of the tasks I need to perform routinely is to resize an image to fit the space requirements in the Rocket Yard blog.

With Automator, I can automate the process of resizing an image, which saves me from performing multiple steps: opening an image in my favorite photo editor, resizing the image, and then saving the resized image to a new file. Network Utility This handy troubleshooting utility can help you find the culprit when your network is acting up and preventing you from connecting to the Internet, access a specific website or Internet service, or troubleshoot a number of network problems you may encounter.

Network Utility can perform common networking tasks, such as Lookup, Traceroute, Ping, Whois, Finger, Port Scan, and Netstat, as well as provide general information about the status of your network connection, all in one easy-to-use utility.

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In the window that opens, click or tap the System Report button. So much so, that you may want to add the utility to the Dock, for easy access in the future. For those of you who need to troubleshoot common network issues, these three functions of the Network Utility may be the most helpful:.

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You can select from different network ports that your Mac may be using. This lets you see at a glance if your network connection is functional. You need to know the IP address or host name of the connected device. Easily manage custom subnets to scan only a portion of your LAN.

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IPv6 addresses are supported too and advanced options like packet size, timeouts, intervals, etc.. The results of your Ping are available numerically in the aggregated stats, graphically in the real time graph or listed, a row per ICMP response received. That's the tool for you, show the location on a map and get additional details like the ISP or the ASN in the details pane. A list clearly shows the result of your query and the advanced options allow you to customize your request from the type of query to the DNS server.

The app itself is not that unique; most of the information it provides through the GUI can easily be obtained via the command line assuming you know how to use your shell. But a stable application that looks quite nice and is fairly stable is most definitely worth something in my book. If there were ever a more full-featured version that came out, I would be sure to buy it. It has a large variety of network information but omits traceroute, a long-time standard tool for looking at current routing.

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It might have been great. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Keep under control your network with Network Kit X, an user friendly set of network tools that will help you to analyze your LAN, and not only that.