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And audio engineers spend thousands of man hours recreating the rich, full sound of vintage analog. In order to use these new features I had to give up an audio interface that was not compatible with the current Mac OS X. Before any kind of upgrade you will have to weigh out your gains and losses and determine if it is the right time to progress.

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To learn more about the new Mac upgrade visit Apple at their official website. Learn more about membership in the BPM Supreme record pool. BPM Supreme is a source for DJ and production culture delivering exclusive performances, interviews, behind the scenes, tutorials, and much more.

This really is a wack! It is way to easy to just ditch the software after a few years. Your email address will not be published. DJ Experience , News Oct 02, DJ Experience , News Oct 09, News , Technology Oct 07, I guess this is something can be worked around by routing through your DAW, but it seems like an odd design decision. You have to run GR standalone and play with the options there.

If you tend to run GR as a plugin A solid, bus-powered audio interface and footcontroller, hanging off one USB 3 port I'm just praying these switches will break in and stop making such a god-awful racket. This one problem is a borderline deal-breaker for me.


As it stands, I can do the same with analog although there's another discussion to be had about KPA routing limitations here I'll take a look at them side by side tonight to clarify. My original review pretty much sums it up. It may very well function as a class-compliant audio interface, though. Did this rumor come from a reliable source? Very interesting stuff, though. Fact is I'm feeling pretty "OS-curious" right now as well. The more Microsoft tries to mangle Windows into a MacOS also-ran, the more I find myself on the fence, satisfied with neither. I'm starting to reevaluate what I really need to do with a computer; sometimes wondering if I could get away from the whole lot of it.

Feeling like I may have backed the wrong horse. I don't know whether to keep chasing this mythical "low-level" OS, or whether to just accept the fact that computers all behave like smartphones now. I could always ship you mine and we could arrange payment of some kind if it works out for you, or I'd take it back otherwise. Oh, awesome! It'll be good to compare notes with another user.

R.I.P. Bunch of NI hardware. - Gearslutz

I'll also be interested to hear about compatibility with other OSes and apps. I am going to get one this week also. I will be setting up a laptop rig with MidiGuitar and plugins with Forte 3 for organizing my performance patches.

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Skype: upon Request Everything from modeling to the real deal, my house looks like a music store. Maybe we need a new N. Rig Kontrol 3 section?

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Quote from: Elantric on May 31, , PM. This is what Rig control is like, it will do until I get one. I tried Forte 3 but it is not stable enough so I am using Kore 2 64 bit and it also has many midi and audio routing options. It also hosts all my other VST plugins and you can set up performance scenes with program changes.

Rig Kontrol 3 Espression Pedal not working? Do this!

I have made 4 patches and they sound great. I can set different MidiGuitar settings per patch now witch gives me some much improved results. I am concerned about those outside summer gigs with my laptop under the sun.