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How to install PHP, Apache, MySQL and Magento 2 on MacBook Pro

The only way I can get it to run is to revert to PHP 5. I have not seen this listed as a known bug.

Release notes (Mac) - MAMP & MAMP PRO

Is kickstart really not compatible with PHP 5. This seems like a pretty huge bug, will this ever be fixed? It this platform specific somehow? It is then tested against PHP 5. That is to say that with an identical configuration as you I can not reproduce this issue.

Automatically uninstall MAMP Pro 2.2 with MacRemover (recommended):

Please make sure that there are no other kickstart. Tht would be the only explanation for this issue. Support is provided by the same developers writing the software, all of which live in Europe. You can still file tickets, but we cannot respond to them, outside of our working hours. Support policy : We would like to kindly inform you that when using our support you have already agreed to the Support Policy which is part of our Terms of Service.

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