Android phone pictures to mac

Tap the "The Missing Sync" icon on your Android home screen, and then tap the "Photos" button to enable photo sync.

Feasible Ways to Download Photos from Android to Mac

Purchase is required to download the software. Select the "Import" tab, and click the check box beside "Import Photos from Device. You can select a different album by clicking the "Download To" drop-down menu and selecting an iPhoto album. Click "OK. Connect your Android device to your computer using the standard USB cable. Ensure that The Missing Sync Android app is open on your device. Jason Spidle is a technology enthusiast and writer.

His writing on computers, smartphones, Web design, Internet applications, sports and music has been published at a variety of websites including Salon, JunkMedia, Killed in Cars and The Columbia Free Times. Spidle maintains a number of blogs featuring poetry, short stories and other fiction. Skip to main content. Automator and Dropbox 1.

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Click the "Finder" icon in the dock, and then launch "Automator" from the "Applications" folder. Select "Folder Action," and then click the "Choose" button. Click "File" and then select "Save.

2 easy ways to connect an Android phone to a Mac computer

SyncMate 1. Click "Sync now" to send your Android photo gallery to iPhoto. You can also delete files and folders using Android File Transfer if you need to free up some space on your tablet. The transfer process works both ways too, so we were able to copy this screenshot from the Android tablet on to our Mac the same way. The thing to remember is that most Windows tablets are running the full version of Windows 10 these days, which means that they are actually proper Windows PCs squashed down to the size of a tablet.

Many of them even have their own USB ports, so one quick and easy option for transferring a batch of photos is simply to copy them onto a memory stick or hard drive and then plug it straight into the Windows tablet.

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The USB option is fine for a one-off file transfer, but if you need to transfer files regularly then there are a couple of other options available. You can connect your Windows tablet to your home network just like an ordinary PC, and if you're feeling brave you can then try to set up file transferring options for both your Mac and your Windows tablet.

Mail, contacts, and calendars

Here you can see the Public and User folders of our MacBook Air displayed in the Windows Explorer on our Windows tablet, so we can now transfer photos and other files between the two machines simply by dragging and dropping. The problem here is that - even after all these years - getting Macs and Windows PCs to talk to each other like this still requires a fair bit of networking know-how.

And even if you succeed you still have to perform each file transfer by hand. Fortunately, there is a more elegant solution available.

5 Ways to Transfer Photos from Mac to Android

Just go to www. You'll also need to have iCloud set up on your Mac, of course, and make sure that you've selected Photos in the iCloud preferences panel. Now open the iCloud control panel on your Windows tablet and log into your iCloud account. Click the Photos option to tell iCloud to sync your photos on to your tablet, and then click the Options button as well. There are two options that you need to select here. My Photo Stream will automatically download photos that you take on your iPhone or iPad onto your Windows tablet, while Photo Sharing will allow you to download specific sets of photos that you share using iPhoto on your Mac.

No Title Found. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Power up the camera and go to its Home screen.

Swipe downward on the screen from top to bottom to reveal the Notifications display. Under "Ongoing" it will probably read "Connected as a Media Device.

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  6. In the following screen, check the box next to "Camera PTP. Tap the Home button. Open Aperture or iPhoto, and the Samsung should appear as a camera in the import window. Want to Comment on this Post? Categories : Photography.