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This does not apply to use of devices outside of the school network. At Lorne Aireys Inlet P College we place an emphasis on cyber safety and appropriate use of electronic devices beginning right from the first day of Prep through to Year In this way, they have a shared understanding and ownership over the standards that are expected at our school. This is a whole school program designed in conjunction with the Education Department and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation for schools across Australia. This is a comprehensive cyber safety program and our students will be expected to meet its guidelines.

That is the responsibility of the parents. When off school grounds, parents have an obligation and full authority to monitor device usage. Examples of this include:. An aspect of this program we are greatly looking forward to is the increased communication and cooperation between home and school in regards to online behaviours and device use.

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Experience here and overseas has shown that there are very few incidents while students travel to and from school. Most of our surrounding schools also have programs and student safety has not been an issue at these schools to date. Students will be strongly advised not to remove their iPad from their school bag between school and home. As with all teaching and learning programs at Lorne Aireys Inlet P College, the effectiveness of this initiative will be continuously monitored.

A more formal evaluation will occur in the second half of This evaluation may include, but will not be limited to:. Surveying parents, students and teachers concerning the impact of access on student learning. The iPad you supply for your child is theirs to have as a personal device that supports their learning. Students will be free to share as they wish, but will not be required to allow other students to use their iPad. While every endeavour has been made to make our program the cheapest program on offer anywhere, we understand that the cost involved may still be prohibitive to some families.

We would ask that parents make an effort to engage with the school to discuss any reservations, and also read the available material in this booklet. If for whatever reason you choose not to participate in the program, your child will still have access to our school ICT resources as usual. This program is not designed to replace school provided devices, but rather to supplement them. Our students will still have the same access to our central resource of laptops and iPads. What will it be used for?

My child already has an iPad. Can that be used instead of purchasing a new one? If you are planning on purchasing your own device, here is some information to assist you. Which model should I buy? When you purchase an iPad, there are two connectivity options available: WiFi only — this means the iPad must be in range of a wireless network to be able to access the internet.

Should I get the 16, 32 or 64GB?

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Do I need to buy a case to protect my iPad? What apps should I purchase and download so I am ready for school in ? Do I need wireless internet at home?

I have a PC at home, not a Mac. Will the iPad work with my PC? Can parents control the use of the iPad at home including which apps are installed?

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Will students need iTunes accounts to use with iPads? Does an iTunes account require a credit card for purchases? How will I keep my student from charging iTunes purchases without my permission?

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Will students receive support in setting up their iPads and how to best use it for their learning? What level of IT support will the College provide? Our College helpdesk staff will be available to support iPad users and their families. Will students get another iPad to use if theirs is broken or is somehow made unusable in the classroom?

Warranty and Insurance If you are providing a privately purchased iPad, you will have the option of purchasing the 24 month Apple Care or settling for the standard 12 month Warranty. Can I install my own apps?

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Students may install other apps or media on the iPad providing: the installed media meets the requirements of our Acceptable Use Agreement. How will I charge my iPad? Can I charge it at school? Extra credits may be purchased by students through the money window.

The College employs onsite school-based technicians to assist us in managing and maintaining the resources mentioned, and to support staff and students with the many and varied issues which can and do arise when using so much technology based equipment. You do not need to purchase additional software to be protected from viruses. Windows 10 devices come with built-in Anti-Virus called Defender. You do not need to purchase Microsoft Office.

Mobile devices can download the apps from their stores. Student Absences. Because of the Onkyo unit being a remote control issue - I'd contact the supplier direct. They may have remote control replacements that they can send you if you explain to them the issue I'd email! That was after a LOT of arguing and reading of the consumer law.

Absolutely agree! Just matching a price isn't gonna do it for me. If it has to meet the above conditions, I can easily just go get it from the original place. Be very careful using any stores "interest free" deals. The interest rates are usually astronomical if you don't pay it off in time.

And some of them have gotchas that if you don't pay it off in time you're liable for interest on the whole purchase not just the outstanding balance. This isn't a dig at JB, rather the credit companies themselves.

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To be that guy - small typo: 'Apple products are very, very rarely sold for less than 10 per cent off' - should be ' more than 10 per cent off'. This error still exists in the article. For me, price match equals, I go back to the other store If you can pay it off in time then it's fine. Just be absolutely sure you can. Join the discussion! Log In. Sign Up.

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