Hard drive icon for mac

How to show the storage drive icon on your Mac desktop

Batman and company are all ready for you to check them out and try them yourself. Mac OS icons are perhaps the most beautiful and detailed replacement icons of the bunch. These set is a great fit for any black and white themed desktop. The dark metallic feel to these icons give a white background life. Check other awesome icons like it by the same author.

Angry Birds fan?

Of Course you are! This icon gives you exactly what an Angry Bird fan wants: an angry bird. TextMate anyone? Look no further, this icon has a sweet new look that will want to make you code like a pro. The designer of this icon also has more icons that you should take a look at.

Options 1 and 2: From the Finder

Safari has been on your dock with the same exact look for ages, how about a change? This icon has breathtaking detail and it looks phenomenal in your dock. The designer has amazing icons all throughout the Internet, make sure to check them out! This is as minimalistic as it gets. Be sure to check out all the different designs for it and pick the right ones for you.

This set only includes 2 items, but they are superb. Make sure to check those out. You can download the icons straight from his website. This is yet another take on the Google Chrome icon. This one completely ditches the colors for a more subtle look.

I use this personally for my main documents folder rather than Chrome. It simply looks like an amazing piece of tech — and yes, it does make me want to click it more. Flurry Extras 3 comes packed with a bunch of sweet looking icons. This first icon alone is worth the download. The following set is a compilation of 16 sci-fi icons that any sci-fi lover would enjoy. They look stunning in just about any type of desktop design. Unleash the Treky inside of you with this set of eight Star Trek Tech icons. This one is a bit old, but an amazing pack of icons nonetheless. If you are in to Transformers, then prepare to transform your icon set and roll out.

There are plenty of icons to choose from. Want to give your icons character? This set of carefully crafted icons take the personality of many loved movie characters. Check this link to view a second version of this set. These icons are made for the movie and comic fans in mind. Check out this set of 15 awesome Official Star Trek icons. It even comes with a sweet Dock replacement if you are using CandyBar. Want more new-tech icons accompanied with a sweet looking CandyBar Dock replacement? Look no further. This set looks beautiful.

It reminds me of the game Portal. Have a look at these icons. Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and more are yours to keep. Check out the authors page for more sets. This beautiful icon is made with pixel perfection. The download includes many file types including a PSD file that will help you tweak the design the way you want. Here we not only have a beautiful Safari Replacement icon, but we have a few different icons. The link contains a few icons, plus an amazing Tron inspired wallpaper and a great looking Growl style. Love Apples? In one way or another, many of us do!

These icons look amazing! If you are a fan of real apples or a little company named Apple, this icon set is definitely for you. It would make you desktop look quite appetizing.

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Art 2 gives you 12 beautifully crafted icons that would fix many folder categories. From photography, photo manipulation to coding and web design, you have a lot of different icons to pick from. These bonus icons come in the form of a particular Avenger. In fact, he is one of the funniest of the bunch.

Show or Hide Macintosh HD and Other Disk Drives on the Desktop of Mac OS X

If you would like to have Iron Man on your desktop, this is the way to go. This link here is the actual secret icon set. Show Us Yours! There you have it, over 55 stunningly beautiful Mac folder icons.

How To Remove Hard Drive Icons from Desktop on Mac OS X

No matter what size, shape or form, these icons are meant to customize the look and feel of your folders. Keep in mind that some are completely free even for commercial use, and some are only free for your own personal use. Also if you are having trouble changing icons, here is a tip:.

This will pick up the various icon sizes that are within the ICNS file.

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Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. Workspace Icons Want to change your movies icon to look like a bowl of popcorn? Torrent Icons Are you a fan of torrents? Finder Replacement Icon Finder is a good friend to us Mac users, you probably deal with Finder more than you think. Business Suitcase Icon This icon would look amazing on any type of desktop, especially on a business styled desktop. Aqua Apps The Aqua icon set takes the look of the iChat icon and expands it to a few other app icons you may be familiar with. Launchpad Icon Want to change the look of the Launchpad icon? Lens HD If photography is your thing, have a look at this marvelous looking lens.

App Store Icon iTunes and the Mac App Store app share the same icon design, but they are probably not as great or as detailed as they could be. Leaf Folder Icons This is a very simple set of icons that can help you refresh your current default folder icons. Carbon Folders If you have a thing for carbon and neon, this is the folder icon collection for you.

Carbon Drives These icons look like Carbon Folders, the only difference is that these icons are meant to be used as driver icon replacement. Google Chrome Icon This one is yet another shot at creating a replacement for the Google Chrome icon. Nintendo 64 Icons There is really no need for a description to this one.

Senam Firefox Icon I found this icon to be a very peculiar yet awesome take on the Firefox icon. Lens Icon Here we have another lens icon that looks stunning. Pirate Icons Arrrggg! Zoom-Eyed Creatures Zoom-Eyed Creatures is a rather cute set of icons that will give your folders life. Ive Drives 2 Ive Drives 2 is a 30 icon set that looks gorgeous and elegant. Spotify Replacement Icon Like Spotify? Steampunk Storage The Steampunk Storage icon set contains eight sexy hard drive icons with 18 wallpapers for your desktop, iPhone, and iPad.

Internal Drive Icons This is for the hardware enthusiast. PlayStation 3 Icons PlayStation fan?

Options 3: Get Info

Black and Blue Icons Like things in a darker shade? Heroes and Villans Heroes and Villains is a set of 28 cute little icons that will give your desktop a rather comic-style feel. Metallen These set is a great fit for any black and white themed desktop. Angry Birds Replacement Angry Birds fan? TextMate TextMate anyone? Still not working? Bah, pesky operating system.

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