Is it worth buying a mac mini g4

And Plan B was kind an interesting byproduct of the current state of storage. But Mac OS X is an operating system that requires a whole lot of virtual memory, which requires something that can handle a lot of files moving around at all times, like a hard drive—or what I ultimately chose, a solid state drive. So my solution was to buy an adapter that converted an M. Five years ago, this might have been cost-prohibitive. But with the prices of SSD drives finally bottoming out in the last year, however, it was simply the best, least expensive option.

Learn More, Hoser. Other factors made the device a little bit cheaper. Not bad for a risky buy. Finding old Mac software was a mixture of easy and difficult. Sites like Macintosh Repository helped me fill out the parts of my install that were important and even essential. But even software that was designed for this thing would not work because of the requirement of having an online connection. As a result, recreating the experience of running a Mac in , however, would be impossible—due to no fault of the machine itself.

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This is the complicated part. I think that when this device was first sold in early , it was a great machine in terms of what it could do, and if you were to look at it from a pure interface perspective, you would find it not much unlike what you would get from a modern-day Mac interface. No dark mode, but nothing preventing you from getting work done.

Switching between windows is about as fast as you would expect from a modern Mac, even if the startup process is a little slower and there are some signs of stress. But the real problem is that, even if this was a reasonably good machine for , an era when switchers were rampant, web technology has totally left it behind, making using it for its original purpose an exercise in frustration. Nonetheless, this was one of the hardest parts about working on this machine.

I had to spend a lot of time looking at web browsers to figure out something I could live with. Its existence is heartening, though. The best bet in my personal case was something called Leopard-Webkit , which effectively is a version of Safari brought up to relatively recent web standards. It is somewhat slow—and breaks on modern webapps like Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail—but it is faster than the alternative and works just fine for Google searching.

So using this thing like a Chromebook is totally out of the question. On the plus side, creature comforts that come with using a modern-day Mac are well-represented. And tools that I use on a daily basis, such as the word-manipulation utility TextSoap, have robust PowerPC versions that work not unlike their modern peers. And thinking to more sophisticated application use cases, the most recent version of the Adobe Creative Suite that is allowed on this platform was surprisingly useful.

Nothing was lost but a few years on that one. That said, some trends that started out on the Mac post-date the PowerPC.

PowerPC Mac in Is It Still Useful?

Markdown is supported on many early text editors with deep ties to the Mac ecosystem, such as TextMate and BBEdit, though these tools are generally meant for coding and not traditionally as useful for simply writing. I needed a good Markdown editor that I could use with keyboard shortcuts. Word or even TextEdit would not suffice unless I found a good third-party tool that allowed me to invent my own shortcuts.

After much looking around, I did find a solution that seemed to make sense, even if it was a little odd due to some early-version framing.

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A few years ago, The Soulmen, the developers of the popular text editor Ulysses, had a version of its popular software up on its website that supported Leopard and PowerPC. It was taken down with a redesign it always is , but I was able to find the direct download link via a search on the Internet Archive. These days, Ulysses a piece of software I receive access to as part of my subscription to the excellent SetApp is a pretty solid, very flexible editor that is generally built around Markdown.

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  4. The early version of the tool, however, was closer in mission to the popular screenwriting tool Scrivener, and as a result, was not actually built with Markdown in mind. In fact, it used nonstandard markup. Sign in with Microsoft. Recommended Posts. Posted January 16, Ive got the chance of a: PowerPC G4 1.

    Would be greatful for any insights, thanks. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Well ive got my PC in my sig for most stuff like gaming. Id use the mac for web browsing and listening to music without having to have a big noisy pc on.

    Should I Buy a Used G4 or a New Mac mini?

    Posted January 17, Hell, even my mhz Cube can do what you are wanting to do with that Mac mini! Posted January 19, And nobody knows how OS Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

    Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up. It will survive. I've hauled my mini between my home and my girlfriend's home on approx round trips. Sometimes I hike the distance; usually I take 2 buses. At first I'd haul it in the very-high-quality white cardboard box it came in but a year or 2 ago I stopped bothering. Since then my only precaution has been to try to remember to put the mini in my travel bag with the "holes" ports up so that cruft from the bottom of the bag won't work its way inside the mini.

    My model of the mini uses laptop components. If Apple has changed that in the new model, then my experience might not apply to you. Interestingly, it never bothered me that the mini is about an inch thick. I'd rather it weigh a few oz less than it be as thin as a Macbook or an iPad. I'm in the same boat. I don't travel much these days, and I can't seem to focus on work unless I'm at my desk, so my laptop is more or less permanently connected to its power brick, 2 external monitors, and an external keyboard and mouse which probably explains why I haven't had many qualms about the purportedly bad MBP keyboard.

    Yes, you might feel the weight a bit, but the only time I had to carry it was from home to home parking and office parking to cubicle. Worked fine. I used Carbon Copy Cloner for bootable backups to 2 disks, the second disk being my bootable volume for the Air. When traveling and updating my Air volume, I would just use Chrono Sync to sync my home folders on the mini and the Air. This was at my earlier workplace, and hope this helps. This has to be my favourite comment regarding the keyboard debacle.

    I hope Apple is not seriously thinking that the laptop market isn't worthwhile because sales are poor. Myself included. Edit: At least you're guaranteed you won't have keyboard issues with the Mac Mini!

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    The older plastic Mac mini fit into a camera case I had perfectly. Looking at the new dimensions, I think I can find a case. I too have a setup at home and work, and am considering using the Mac mini in this manner. My MacBook Pro has a bad keyboard, and I don't use the computer on my commute. SkyMarshal 11 months ago. If you have an SSD, the only moving parts would be the fan, and that's replaceable. It's largely laptop-style components anyway. It should be more durable than a laptop hinge, keyboard, display, and trackpad are laptop failure points. Aaronn 11 months ago.

    The new Mac mini is SSD only. Look at the Mac mini models. A Mac Mini G4 was my first Mac ever, back in I used to drag it to and from school every day with no issue. To be fair, Apple's hardware seemed a lot more solid back then. Just be sure you find a sleeve or something to protect from scratches and dents. ChrisRR 11 months ago. Just because they're solid state doesn't mean they're not still susceptible to impact and thermal shock between the PCB and components. Obviously the failure rate won't be anywhere near the same as a spinning disk, but it still is a possibility for a system that was designed to not move.

    Unless the Mini has a hibernate mode then it's missing one of the key fundamental reasons to use a laptop instead. Namely, you close the lid then open it again to resume work. A machine that boots from scratch doesn't generally provide that. It's not the default on desktop macs, but you can turn it on. Just because it exists as an option does not mean that it works reliably. Have you personally used hibernate mode more than a few times?

    I ask because if you have, then I'm willing to try it on my mini. Chomebook and cloud server rocks. DannyBee 11 months ago. If you remove the hyperbole here, i think a bunch of the author's points are probably right: IE "Need a Mac because you're wanting to explore iOS development? It's no longer the affordable way into the macOS environment that it once was, but it's the best thing Apple really has to offer.

    Size is not a factor in that. It's big enough at this point compared to NUC's, etc that it has no meaningful size advantage. As a server, you'd want some different tradeoffs.

    As a desktop, the only reason you'd use it is, as the author says - you don't have a lot of options in what you can use for MacOS and this checks some boxes the other option doesn't. It'll probably be the last computer i buy from apple to set up for others - MacOS isn't as bulletproof as it used to be.

    For the second time, I had to debug obscure apple bugs for my parents over thanksgiving - which is why i set them up with a mac mini in the first place - to stop having to deal with this on windows or linux. You haven't appreciated MacOS until your entire family has hosed windows 10 laptops that they've been saving up to bring around so you can fix them at Christmas Yeah, i only mean "i'm gonna try something else". The world in fact, may still suck elsewhere, but MacOS is no longer so good that i'll avoid trying.

    It used to be. I just make sure people get iPads if I don't want to deal with shit : Problem? Apple store mate. Go ask there. I appreciate it, but those are first world problems. What have you moved on to if I can ask? Windows 10? Nothing yet. So far, zero issues, which is "better than it used to be". I'll try it for the family and see what happens. In the past, my dad used to set up Linux server machines for my Mom, which is what was there pre-mac-mini he's a long time software engineer. They were just so finicky in practice IE audio on webcam would stop working so she could never be sure a video chat she started would actually work, etc That did not last all that long.

    My mom started to avoid that desktop like the plague, so it ended up with Dad running Linux and Mom running Windows. I would probably not use one personally, but for family computing they seem a right treat. I think it's clear what Apple is doing here. The smartphone market is saturated, the tablet market is saturated, the laptop market is saturated, the desktop market is almost dead and Apple doesn't have a lot of users in the workstation market.

    So why put a lot of effort in designing new products every year? What we now see is that Apple is focusing on people with money and on paid services. And it works.

    Step 1: Check hardware compatibility

    They won't tell you how many iPhones they sold but the profit will be huge. Apple has been emphasizing their service revenue growth for years and they said they are emphasizing making their products last longer. I think the form factor is great. The argument that there is no room for a dedicated GPU is imo simply false. Apple decided against it, for whatever reason and that is the only problem I have with this machine. Physically having room for the chip and having enough space that you can actually run it without running into thermal issues are different things. Laptops have a bigger surface area to get rid of the heat but thermals are still a challenge for laptop design.

    I don't know for sure that Apple couldn't have pulled it off but the issue is not just physically having space to cram the chip in, it's being able to run it cool enough. I doubt that's the reasoning, but even if they could've made it slightly larger. No one cares if their mini is 5mm larger on one side.