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You can also just click on the red X button in the video window, and it'll prompt you to save it before exiting. Naturally, the resolution of the recording is the resolution of your display if recording the full screen. For example, if recording an entire x pixel display, then the resolution of the recording will be x as well.

mac OS X free screen recorder ( using quicktime )

One more thing to keep in mind is video quality. Generally, QuickTime will do a fine job of recording your screen. However, if you're running a heavy-duty program like a graphically intensive video game, then depending on your Mac's "horsepower," the video quality might suffer. If the perfectionist inside you is not satisfied, simply discard the recording using the red X, don't save it, then try a new recording.

Before or after you save, you can do some basic edits of the video file with QuickTime Player itself.

Full video+audio recording with QuickTime on Mac OS High Sierra? - Ask Different

Options include trimming, splitting, flipping, and rotating the canvas, among other things. Or, you can load up the. MOV file into iMovie or Final Cut or your preferred video editor and add in some nice video magic that way. If you wish, you can export and share the video from QuickTime itself. Just go to File in the menu bar and choose Export or Share. You can export in different resolutions or choose to just export the audio if you recorded audio , or just send the video to iTunes.

Like I said earlier, you can also record the screen of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch using this method. You will need to be running Max OS X version As you can see, QuickTime Player is a very handy tool built right into your Mac.

Older versions of Mac OS X and VLC media player

If you've never used it before, you've now got a reason to add this app to your Dock for faster access. Really great idea there. When I use QuickTime, video seems to be mute. Guess this may be the sound card problem. Just got updated to OS Sierra recently, and accidentally I find a post concerning recording Mac computer screen.

Also a nice solution there. Sign Up. Advanced mode gives access to all the options! Easily create presets for common editing tasks, or for different types of output.

Give them custom names so you can easily recognize them. Instant can hide your desktop icons, and change your desktop picture to a solid color or other image. Produce Quicktime or MP4 at up to 60fps.

Screens for macOS - Control Any Computer Remotely from your Mac

Want to create a timelapse? You can set the frame rate as low as 1 frame per minute! Camera capture has been enhanced with the ability to show the camera either as a classic picture-in-picture, full screen, or completely hide it. Get crisp and clean audio using the built in dynamics, compressor and equaliser. No need to clean audio afterwards. Got a 32 channel outboard device as input? No problem!

Watermark your recordings with either text or an image or both! Customize colors, enable single keypress visuals, modifier keypresses and click descriptions.

Editing mode brings commonly used editing tools directly to iShowU. Allows me to provide very personal, visual and informative feedback to my students extremely quickly Dr Mike Howarth. I recently upgraded from HD to Instant. In a word: "Amazing".

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