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In fact, these days I use Anaconda for all my personal development. The current version of Anaconda is Thanks for all the help. I run I am trying to install python and I have been able to do everything but scipy. This appears to be a bug in Python 2. I strongly suggest installing Anaconda unless for some reason you need the bleeding edge version of SciPy. For me, it is still complaining about 2. I tried to install Anaconda as well python 3.

[2] How To Download And Install ActiveTcl Tk Python On MAC OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Mavericks 10.9

How can I fix this? Please help. These instructions are very old, I recommend installing Anaconda. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Hello World in Java on Mac OS X

Skip to content Update: These instructions are over a year old, though they may still work for you. Homebrew Homebrew is an excellent package manager for Mac OS X that can install a large number of packages. Install matplotlib To install matplotlib we need to revisit Homebrew one more time: brew install pkg-config And the usual pip command: pip install matplotlib This should install matplotlib 1.

The following should work in Python with no errors: import numpy import scipy import matplotlib Enjoy! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading February 25, at am Reply.

Python for Mac OS X

February 25, at pm Reply. I tried both: pip install matplotlib that tried to install: matplotlib: 1. February 29, at pm. March 1, at am. Hi Jiffyclub, I have a problem running homebrew command in my mac terminal. October 19, at pm. February 29, at pm Reply. I really need to get this working asap. Thanks, Nick. December 19, at pm. December 20, at am. March 1, at am Reply. March 1, at pm Reply. March 27, at pm Reply. June 18, at pm Reply. Thanks for the great post. July 24, at am Reply.

Hey Matt! August 7, at am Reply. Good to hear from you! August 7, at pm Reply. August 8, at am. August 9, at am Reply. September 15, at pm Reply. September 18, at pm Reply. Hi Matt, This is awesome. October 20, at pm Reply. January 2, at pm Reply. January 3, at pm. January 23, at pm Reply. February 3, at am Reply. March 20, at pm Reply. April 1, at pm Reply. March 2, at pm. April 4, at am Reply. April 21, at am Reply. You may want to add a missing piece: brew install swig SciPy installation would not proceed without it.

April 23, at am Reply. May 4, at pm Reply. May 29, at pm Reply. June 9, at am Reply. June 10, at pm Reply. June 10, at pm. June 15, at am Reply. October 25, at pm Reply. Thank you! Easiest implementation guide to SciPy I have found online! October 27, at pm Reply. November 5, at am Reply. November 5, at pm Reply. November 15, at pm Reply. November 28, at am Reply.

I am new to this whole python thing. June 21, at pm Reply. June 21, at pm. June 25, at pm Reply. June 30, at pm Reply. August 24, at am Reply. March 2, at pm Reply. Notice : Be cautious when you perform the last step. Make sure you deleted the right things, and before emptying the Trash, you can still restore the item by right clicking on it there and choosing the Put Back option. The drag-to-delete method works in all versions of Mac OS X. Once installed properly, most apps can be smoothly uninstalled in that way, though it may not applicable to some built-in apps.

How Can I Properly Uninstall Python from Mac (Solved)

If you fail to move an app to the Trash, try to select the app icon, hold the Option key, and choose Empty Trash from the Finder menu. If you installed the earlier version of Python, you can take this method to uninstall it from your Mac. First open the Terminal, and input the following command lines:. This option is not recommended for Mac novices to adopt, especially for those who are unfamiliar with Terminal command.

If you have successfully deleted Python from Finder or Launchpad, you can proceed with the removal of associated components it left behind. It is especially recommended to delete app remnants when they are no longer in use or take up large disk space.

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But how can we detect and delete the entire invalid items? If you are a Mac novice, we do not suggest you to perform the deletion manually, because any mis-operation might trigger problems on other apps or even affect macOS itself. Manual deletion could be time-wasting and also low-efficient. How can you make sure you detect all Python files on your system? After spending much time for searching, you may still miss out some leftovers. If you are looking for a perfect solution to effortlessly uninstall Python, just continue reading the next section.

For anyone who are desired to uninstall Python without any trouble, here is the most time-saving and high-efficiency solution. Osx Uninstaller is a reputable and handy tool designed for all-level users to uninstall any unwanted, problematic, stubborn and malicious apps within a few clicks.

Featured with an intuitive interface and powerful engine, it can uninstall Python along with its bundled software in 3 simple steps. Step 1. Download Osx Uninstaller and install this tool to the Application folder. Step 2.

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Step 3. Review related files and folders, click Complete Uninstall button, and click Yes in the pop-up dialog to fully remove all components of Python.

Now click on the Back to Interface button to re-scan your Mac, and Python is supposed to disappear from the interface. The whole uninstall process completes just in the few blinks of time. Incredibly simple, right? In this post we offers different approaches guiding you to uninstall Python from Mac computer. Does it help solve your uninstall issues?