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How to page up/page down in Terminal?

If disabled, the mouse will always perform its default action such as scrolling history rather than being reported to an app that has enabled mouse reporting. Programs running in a terminal may send an escape code to request the current window title. You may disable this feature by enabling this option. It should be disabled if you're communicating with an untrusted party, as there are possible injection attacks.

Paste bracketing is a feature that can be enabled by an app running in iTerm2 by sending a control sequence. When enabled, iTerm2 transmits a control sequence before and after paste operations e. This can be useful because editors like vim may disable auto-indenting when pasting already-indented code.


Sometimes paste bracketing can be left on, causing unexpected behavior when you paste. For example, if a program running in an ssh session enables paste bracketing and then your ssh connection ends unexpectedly it won't have a chance to turn it off. Your next paste will include the bracketing control sequences, which will be mishandled by whatever program receives them.

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For that reason, some people prefer to disable paste bracketing. If you install Shell Integration it can detect when this occurs and automatically disable paste bracketing for you, making it safe to leave it enabled here. Some programs such as vim, tmux, and less switch into a so-called "alternate screen". A characteristic of this behavior is that when these programs terminate the screen's contents are restored to their state from before the program was run. If this option is selected, alternate screen mode is disabled and the screen cannot be restored by an application.

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If the host sends an escape code to resize the window, it will be ignored if this option is selected.. If selectedinstalled, iTerm2 will post a notifications when sessions receive output, become idle, ring the bell, close, or get a proprietary escape sequence to post a notification.

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Yosemite introduces per-line scrolling in the Terminal

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