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If you're ever downed a glob of wasabi on a California roll that was just a little bigger than you've intended, you can imagine what these taste like. The wasabi's strong, but the undertone of pickled ginger is still there. Cappuccino — These taste like unsweetened Waffle Crisp cereal. If you've ever had that cereal, then you know that's a weird thing to say, since Waffle Crisp cereal is mostly sugar. Before you get to the taste, though, there's a very present aromatic element with this flavor. You smell them the moment you open the bag.

It's not a bad smell, unlike what you'd expect from most potato chips of equivalent pungency. Instead, it's a clean coffee-like smell that's actually kind of pleasant and adds a nice dimension to the chip. Of course, the issue remains whether having a coffee-flavored potato chip is a good idea. It's probably not. My first reaction is that it is not.

Yet, I still kind of want to keep eating these things. They're fascinating and keep growing on me as I try them. The coffee flavor is present, but there's a tiny hint of some other flavors in the background that are reminiscent of winter spices cinnamon, nutmeg that create a cool, late-blooming dimension to the flavors. It's like a sour beer in this aspect. It tastes absurd at first. But the more you try it, the more it grows on you as the flavors begin to bloom. Again, these are fascinating to eat, but aren't actually appetizing.

Lay's Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese Chips | Hannaford

It's like your mouth is watching "Breaking Bad. The fact that consumers are expected to choose a winner from this group is fascinating, not because it will matter much it won't , but because none of these flavors can be described as "good. Sure, they all taste like the stuff they claim to replicate, but that can hardly be considered a success. All four flavors capture at least some of the essence depicted on the label, but fall short of producing a potato chip that is superior to, for starters, plain old Lay's, which is a problem if you're shooting to create a product that people want to eat.

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I've been posed the question of "Well, which one's your favorite? The biggest problem with answering this question is that, by virtue of choosing a favorite, I'm endorsing its existence as something other than a potato chip stunt abomination. You can pay for your order in a store or even use an international credit card. Once you place an order, you or someone you know can pick it up at a Kmart store, have it shipped or delivered to a U.

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If you're looking to do some international online shopping, be sure to visit kmart. Skip Navigation Kmart home.

Shop internationally at Kmart Whether you're visiting the United States, or know someone here, you can do all your international shopping at kmart. Finding ways to still secretly get bacon in my life. Flavor intensifies when stale. Forcing your friends to eat gross food without knowing it.

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Placenta chips of the future. Taste like cheddar and sour cream chips. Having to eat mindfully and slowly to detect the actual bacon flavor. Honestly, I have no desire to eat seafood flavored chips. Mmmm, salmon teriyaki chips actually sound great!

I bet those are already available in Japan. Placenta Potato Chips, aye? Hi Pomai: Just to let you know. Our talented writer, Natalie, did. Of the new flavors these are the best, but they are boring.

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Wasabi Ginger was good in theory, but so bland. If they kicked up the flavor they would be a winner. Have you tried Bacos? Yes, those crunchy little bits.

You could sprinkle them over potato chips awash in cheese sauce, also, to make up for your disappointment in these chips. Also known as Bacos. Bacos actually add significant amounts of protein due to the soy, by the way. Store bought substitute bacon of any sort is nasty tasting. I always make my own facon. Soy curls, toasted sesame oil, smoked paprika, liquid smoke, and a good smoked salt.