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If not, then reply. I've a solution for that also. Hey wait I read your last reply a bit late. Could you be more specific what should i write to terminal? Say, you have following scenario: You may also need to add "-joliet-long" option. But I repeat, I don't remember the exact command although I've done it successfully a few months ago. So you may have to struggle a bit. Good luck!: Here's exactly what I was trying to explain but beware! The author here too, says that he hasn't tested it yet: However, what I had tried successfully was not that lengthy command! This should create XP.

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I think i made it-i am running installation. I run in mac os linux mint as guest, and made there with brasero. Copied it on dell min 10v, and now i am running installation from it. Hope it will succesfully end it! Sorry it took this long to get back you have it set but here is the link, don't worry I have installed this version on computers other then the manufacturer who is providing the ISO, it is just XP no key you have to use your own legal one.

I realize you have this fixed but it helps to have a ISO at times.

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Jpenguin, wilee-nilee-thanks for answers. Page content loaded. Sep 23, Thank you very much for the detailed response, appreciate giving me the time to explain from scratch to finish. Sep 24, Oct 9, 8: Oct 9, 4: I, being greedy, wanted partition the drive and have Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard to run legacy apps and Windows XP currently running under Fusion available on boot. My main partition is ML.

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I repartitioned the 1TB drive and installed SL. I didn't reformat the partition as per your step 4b unlike the Boot Camp instructions page 8 step 2. However on rebooting into the XP drive it halts with a "hal. Thought of trying to wipe all partitions and install SL as main OS. Then use Boot Camp to install XP. Finally to add partition for ML and install.

Installing XP without a CD?

Oct 11, 2: Pal In response to Shaminder. The only issue is getting your hands on bootcamp drivers of an earlier enough version to be comparable with XP.. Boot camp 3. None of these however will prevent you from installing XP as the guide does not use boot camp from within the OSX operating environment.. At worst you may not have all hardware working after installing the drivers under XP.

I fixed it by using diskutil under OSX to verify and then repair.. Nov 13, 4: I add a partition and name it Windows HD.

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When I reboot the computer the second drive says Recovery I am able to run the windows disc but when it is done loading and starts to run windows it pops up with an error screen. Please help. Nov 14, Hard to tell mate..

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XP can be a bit twitchy.. The only think I can think of is that it's related to additional memory possibly installed into ur Mac.. That is have you upgraded and had a stick of memory plugged into your machine? If so.. Unplug your mac and remove the stick in question not sure on those details.. Suggest you Google for instructions and then attempt to install XP.

How to Install Windows Boot Camp Without An Optical Drive

After this is done and dusted.. After that everything should work as normal..

No additional memory has been installed on my iMac. I am running an out of the box iMac model from Late Would it have anything to do with my windows disc? I have the install disc for a DELL. Nov 14, 4: I was able to install XP, however, currently I am in Australia and my leopard install disc is back in Canada. I'm trying to get someone back home to find the Bootcamp drivers on the install disc back home but they cannot seem to locate the files. Would you be able to explain where they are located on the disc so I can relay the info back to them so they can find it? Nov 14, 5: Nov 14, 6: Sorry I can't give you a solution to this as the administrators of this forum will delete the post..

So the answer falls outside the terms and conditions of the purpose of this forum.. I did download that and placed it on a USB stick. When I click on it, nothing happens when I am booted in windows.

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Do you know what might be wrong?