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I cannot highlight an individual folder when I right-click or Command-I. I just get the entire page of all the folders as one image. Using El Capitan, which forum participants say should work. Did you download the folders first? Hacaliah Featured By Owner Nov 14, I goofed and color-foldered an original TIFF image. How do I remove the color-folder from it without losing its hi-res? I'm not sure if you still have this problem though cause it took me over a year to respond to you. Beautiful folder icons! And you chose such appropriate names! Can't wait to use some.

It used to be so easy! I don't know why I can't just select to import all icons in a folder. Should I use. I know, I'm a complete newb about this. Thanks anyway! Thanks these are just perfect and such a great colour range. Regards Indigo. I'm having the same issue as virusgal. I changed the color of all the folders on my desktop successfully, but when I try to change any again, the new color only appears in the Get Info window. I am using El Capitan. When I change the color of a folder on my desktop, it appears correctly in the Finder "get info" but remains the original color on the desktop.

What am I doing wrong here? Worked perfectly before I upgraded to El Capitan! Jeepers, this is terrific!

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I was going nuts with those silly little dots. Thank you very, very much. Lovely job! Thank you. Thanks so much to "ekliptikz" for all of these great folder colors!!

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For those who aren't sure how to use these great files, here are the steps: 1. Find the folder you want to change the color of, select it and "Get Info" from right clicking on it. Notice that at the top of the Get Info window, there is a small view of the icon for the folder. This image can be modified. The next steps are to make that happen. From the downloaded set from this site, open i. You want to use the file with the. Drag the file with the. I got them on some TIFF files not folders by mistake and cannot get them off. Any help?

Got it! My only major issue with Mavericks is that labels are now gone, replaced by tags. I need the strong color highlight of labels to organize my files and folders and have quick visual access to important ones. The tiny tag dot is not sufficient, in particular in list view where it sits to the right.

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The new ability to sort files by tag is nice, but still does not help distinguish files in a regular list view my use of color labels was unfortunately not linked to any logic, just used as highlight to stand out from others, so sorting by color does not work well for me. In addition, it is inconsistent from a design standpoint as the blue dot means "updated app" in iOS 7 and something completely different here. I do hope we get the option to apply the tag color to the entire file or folder, just as labels used to do.

Given the lack of action on iOS 7 design feedback, I am pessimistic. Oct 23, AM. Oct 24, AM in response to S. Same problem as S. I need the strong color highlight of labels to organize my files and folders and have quick visual access to important ones " I only get the strong color highlight when I'm going to share the file on an email, I always want it. Oct 24, AM.

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I am a graphic designer as well and I used labelling just as you did—well, similarly. The new tags stinks. Wish I'd never gotten Mavericks. Feedback sent to Apple about this. I hope they listen. Oct 25, PM. Oct 25, PM in response to S. Another one missing the old Label coloring. The greater flexibility of Tags is great - but if you choose to associate a Tag with a Color which is optional then please simply restore the option of the old Label coloring scheme - which is visually easier and superior for many users.

Thanks and feedback sent. The responsible people could not have talked with any users. I have been using this feature since my Mac up to the minute before I "downgraded" to this Mavericks thing.

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Oct 26, AM in response to S. Please Please Please change it back to having the whole label in colour - the point is to highlight! Oct 26, AM. I do like the whole 'tags' concept and can see myself using it a lot, but the ability to colour the folder and the line is a visual concept I need returned The dots are too small, too easily missed.

One suggestion being to have a separate column beside the name column, showing multiple tags where present while the folder takes the colour of the highest priority tag? A couple of people have also mentioned the 'dot' being on the right - true. Yes, I have sent my feedback Apple! If you have a heartfelt opinion on it, I encourage readers to contact them too, but give your suggestions, not just the gripes!

Thanks for the suggestion Alancito. I have custom icons on some folders already, and while better than nothing, it is still a bit subtle in the small list view.

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I may have to look into more contrasted ones. Oct 27, PM. Question: Q: How to highlight the entire folder with the tag color, as before? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: S. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Question: Q: Question: Q: How to highlight the entire folder with the tag color, as before? Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. I still can't highlight files as I used to. Peripherals Speciality level out of ten: 1. Loading page content. User profile for user: yodathejedi yodathejedi.

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