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Instead, this week it's the Orel's time to shine! Need a 60 round assault and are looking for a bargain, the Orel is just the gun you're looking for. The Orel is here and is making its return to the Red Crucible Firestorm store this week.

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New bargains heading your way! The Reapers have received some tender loving care this week in Red Crucible Firestorm. Not only has the Reaper P received an updated skin, both Reapers have received more competitive stat buffs. Happy Monday Red Crucible fans. The D18 Gopher is making its return just in time before the year ends. The Gopher is a Secondary automatic pistol with a fast fire rate, 40 round drum and sight.

This trusty side arm is now available for rent and purchase in the Store. Happy Thanksgiving!

Coin Chests are also making their return, giving players bonus amounts of coins after purchasing. Vehicle War Pack 3 incoming! Fast firerate, quick reload, large caliber rounds and a steady aim; this Mauser secondary gets the job done! The Mauser Legendary Chest is now available in the store. The Prizrak is coming back to Red Crucible Firestorm! Happy Friday Red Crucible fans! Its time for another bargain.

The Wolverine is getting its own Warchest! Red Crucible is continuing its trend of giving it's classic weapons Platinum skins. The Wolverine and the Wolverine Warchest are now available in the Store.


You can now find the Floro available now in the Store. Weekend Warrior is back! Another classic weapon is getting an upgrade: The Viper! All Viper owners will now notice that their Viper sniper has gone Platinum. A new Viper, the Viper G, has taken its place and is now available in the Store. Happy Tuesday Red Crucible Fans! A new Gun Runner has arrived: The FN Lionheart Equipped with large caliber rounds and a nice scope, this powerful assault rifle brings more bang for your buck.

You wont want to miss out on this new weapon, now available for rent and purchase in the store. We're mixing things up a bit this Friday. The XM8 Werewolf is here to tear apart the competition. The Werewolf assault rifle comes equipped with a silencer and 4x variable zoom scope. Check out the Werewolf, now available in the Store. A new tank is rolling onto the battlefield! The TBM is now available in the Store for coins and 75, honors. Previous owners of the MP5 SM will automatically receive this update.

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You can now find the Sanctus available in the the store. Happy Halloween from Rocketeer Games Studio! To celebrate, we are giving out free Halloween Bomb Chests to all our players. These chests are filled with explosive goodies and are sure to give your enemies a good scare. You can find your gift in the Chest section in your Inventory. But that's not all! Crazy Costumes are back in Red Crucible Firestorm. Two vehicles have arrived to help turn the tide of battle! The Arkan is back in Red Crucible Firestorm! Just like its unlock counter part, the Arkan also has a silencer equipped along with a new red dot scope.

You can find the Arkan now available in the Store. It's time for another Bargain! Time to give all you Snipers some love! If you're looking for a reliable all around Sniper Rifle, the Grimmer is your gun. A new weapon is getting a make over for Red Crucible Firestorm: The Patriot Players who previously owned the Patriot will now notice that their weapons have been automatically upgraded to Platinum. They will also notice their weapons have been reskinned with a brand new Flag texture. Hey Facebook Players! We have good news for those who have been wanting to play on their Facebook Account through the Red Crucible Standalones.

You can now officially Log in with your Facebook Account by clicking the "Login with Facebook" button below the Login menu. Clicking the Login with Facebook button will not transfer your account from the Facebook Profile so you will still be able to play through your Facebook Profile if you so choose. Feel free to take it for a spin!

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As we come closer to the end of the year, we are continuing with our bi-annual releases of the Prototype Series. Next up, the DP! The DP64 is a Russian double barreled grenade launcher used to combat special forces swimmers and for naval combat. Red Crucible Firestorm is bringing out the Bargains! We are mixing things up a bit this time. The Wasp G has gone Platinum! Players who have previously owned the Wasp G will now notice that their weapons have now been upgraded to Platinum status.

The former Wasp G will also now be named the Wasp P. Taking its place with a reminiscent camo pattern is the new Wasp G. This accurate and heavy hitting Legendary weapon is sure to send your enemies packing. With great damage, long range and impressive accuracy, the BAR is one deadly weapon you wont want to miss out on. We have been hard at work preparing for the release of Unity 5 in Red Crucible: Firestorm.

Since the team has been so focused on this update, we will be releasing another fan favorite in the store today: The Legionnaire Those who have missed out on this impressive weapon now have another chance to get it in the store for coins or 40, honors! New to the Prototype series comes the Phantom. The Phantom itself is a unique weapon; equipped with a Glock and side mounted camera. With great accuracy and low recoil, this weapon is ideal for those close quarter combat situations.

Hey Red Crucible Fans! Players who have originally owned the Tiger Saw will notice that their weapons are now officially Platinum Class as well as a magnification boost. New Bargains Incoming! The next wave of Vehicle Unlock Missions is here! Players can unlock these vehicles for free through the Vehicle Unlock Missions or find these vehicles available in the Red Crucible Store.

Purchasing these unlock vehicles will not complete its vehicle mission and the missions will still need to be completed in succession in order to advance to the next tier of unlock vehicles. You will not see these missions if you did not complete the previous Vehicle Class Mission before it. Previous requirements for the Vehicle Unlock Missions have also been adjusted. The Golden Dragon has received a fresh new look! All players who already own the Golden Dragon will notice their sniper is now a Platinum Class weapon.

Its been a while since a prototype has been released for Red Crucible Firestorm. That time has finally come! You can now find the Krasa available in the Red Crucible Store. This new system was created to help discourage spawn camping from both sides of the base; Allowing soldiers stuck in the base to fire back at the enemy and giving base dwellers only a limited time of invulnerability inside of their base spawn zone rather than unlimited time.

Thank you. As we mentioned before, we are working very hard on improving the visual graphics as well as the game mechanics and game design for Red Crucible. I am linking a video to one of the new work in progress arenas, a new Frankfurt arena. Did I mention that, along with all the visual updates, we will be adding combat vehicle progression? I am adding a video link to one of the new vehicles, the T tank. Btw, there will eventually be dozens of new vehicles to play with, both land and air Again, thank you very much for helping us get Red Crucible Greenlit! Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Install Steam. This game is now available on Steam! Greenlight is being retired. For more information on how to submit games to steam, refer to this blog post. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Greenlight. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Greenlight.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Description Discussions 13 Announcements 3 Comments Description Discussions Announcements Comments. May 23, pm. Bibbobbib posts. On mac just press option, and as you are holding it press the number of the loadout you desire. You might not have the same keyboard as me, but on mine above the option button it says alt.

That did it, jcotz. I thought I tried option and the number last night before I wrote this post but it was working for me today, so I must have screwed it up somehow. After I switch in-game to Loadout 1 and then switch back to Loadout 2, Loadout 2 is changed from Demolitions to Sniper, so my bazooka is not there. The bazooka is replaced with my lowest power default sniper rifle.

May 24, pm. If not no effect will take place. May 25, pm. I was wondering if that might be the case. Thanks for the confirmation puppy!

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