Mac internet wiederherstellung funktioniert nicht

Now enter all the relative information on the problem. At the bottom of this, you can Add Images. Under this is Troubleshooting Information. Please press the Share Data button. This will let us look at your system details. No Personal Information Is Collected. Safest is to use "Restore Previous Session" as the startup setting to prevent losing session data when a crash occurs.

Ok, I'll ask a new question. I thought it's easier to add my question here because of the similarity. Startseite Hilfeforum Firefox Letzte Sitzung wiederherstellen Dieses Thema wurde archiviert. Locate the above file.

Then rename or delete it. Restart Firefox. Fragewerkzeuge Updates per E-Mail erhalten when anybody replies. Abbrechen Abonnieren Fragedetails Produkt Firefox. Details zum System Windows 10 Firefox Anwendung Firefox Flash Player Version But please don't run more than a few dozen on the same network, since part of the goal of the Tor network is dispersal and diversity.

If you do decide to run more than one relay, please set the "MyFamily" config option in the torrc of each relay, listing all the relays comma-separated that are under your control:. That way, Tor clients will know to avoid using more than one of your relays in a single circuit. You should set MyFamily if you have administrative control of the computers or of their network, even if they're not all in the same geographic location. The accounting options in the torrc file allow you to specify the maximum amount of bytes your relay uses for a time period.

This specifies when the accounting should reset. For instance, to setup a total amount of bytes served for a week that resets every Wednesday at am , you would use:. This specifies the maximum amount of data your relay will send during an accounting period, and the maximum amount of data your relay will receive during an account period.

When the accounting period resets from AccountingStart , then the counters for AccountingMax are reset to 0. Example: Let's say you want to allow 50 GB of traffic every day in each direction and the accounting should reset at noon each day:. Note that your relay won't wake up exactly at the beginning of each accounting period. It will keep track of how quickly it used its quota in the last period, and choose a random point in the new interval to wake up.

This way we avoid having hundreds of relays working at the beginning of each month but none still up by the end. If you have only a small amount of bandwidth to donate compared to your connection speed, we recommend you use daily accounting, so you don't end up using your entire monthly quota in the first day. Just divide your monthly amount by For example, if you have 50 GB to offer each way, you might set your RelayBandwidthRate to KBytes: this way your relay will always be useful for at least half of each day.

Tor has partial support for IPv6 and we encourage every relay operator to enable IPv6 functionality in their torrc configuration files when IPv6 connectivity is available. For the time being Tor will require IPv4 addresses on relays, you can not run a Tor relay on a host with IPv6 addresses only. The parameters assigned in the AccountingMax and BandwidthRate apply to both client and relay functions of the Tor process. Thus you may find that you are unable to browse as soon as your Tor goes into hibernation, signaled by this entry in the log:. The solution is to run two Tor processes - one relay and one client, each with its own config.

One way to do this if you are starting from a working relay setup is as follows:. Exonerator is a web service that can check if an IP address was a relay at a given time. We can also provide a signed letter if needed. Each Tor relay has an exit policy that specifies what sort of outbound connections are allowed or refused from that relay.

The exit policies are propagated to Tor clients via the directory, so clients will automatically avoid picking exit relays that would refuse to exit to their intended destination. This way each relay can decide the services, hosts, and networks it wants to allow connections to, based on abuse potential and its own situation. Read the Support entry on issues you might encounter if you use the default exit policy, and then read Mike Perry's tips for running an exit node with minimal harassment. The default exit policy allows access to many popular services e.

DiskStation Manager

You can change your exit policy by editing your torrc file. If you want to avoid most if not all abuse potential, set it to "reject : ". This setting means that your relay will be used for relaying traffic inside the Tor network, but not for connections to external websites or other services. If you do allow any exit connections, make sure name resolution works that is, your computer can resolve Internet addresses correctly. If there are any resources that your computer can't reach for example, you are behind a restrictive firewall or content filter , please explicitly reject them in your exit policy otherwise Tor users will be impacted too.

Tor can handle relays with dynamic IP addresses just fine. Just leave the "Address" line in your torrc blank, and Tor will guess. The simplest example is an attacker who owns a small number of Tor relays. They will see a connection from you, but they won't be able to know whether the connection originated at your computer or was relayed from somebody else.

There are some cases where it doesn't seem to help: if an attacker can watch all of your incoming and outgoing traffic, then it's easy for them to learn which connections were relayed and which started at you. In this case they still don't know your destinations unless they are watching them too, but you're no better off than if you were an ordinary client. There are also some downsides to running a Tor relay. First, while we only have a few hundred relays, the fact that you're running one might signal to an attacker that you place a high value on your anonymity.

Second, there are some more esoteric attacks that are not as well-understood or well-tested that involve making use of the knowledge that you're running a relay -- for example, an attacker may be able to "observe" whether you're sending traffic even if they can't actually watch your network, by relaying traffic through your Tor relay and noticing changes in traffic timing. It is an open research question whether the benefits outweigh the risks. A lot of that depends on the attacks you are most worried about. For most users, we think it's a smart move. See portforward. If your relay is running on a internal net, you need to setup port forwarding.

Forwarding TCP connections is system dependent but the firewalled-clients FAQ entry offers some examples on how to do this. You may have to change "eth0" if you have a different external interface the one connected to the Internet. Chances are you have only one except the loopback so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

BandwidthRate is the maximum long-term bandwidth allowed bytes per second. For example, you might want to choose "BandwidthRate 10 MBytes" for 10 megabytes per second a fast connection , or "BandwidthRate KBytes" for kilobytes per second a decent cable connection. The minimum BandwidthRate setting is 75 kilobytes per second. BandwidthBurst is a pool of bytes used to fulfill requests during short periods of traffic above BandwidthRate but still keeps the average over a long period to BandwidthRate.

A low Rate but a high Burst enforces a long-term average while still allowing more traffic during peak times if the average hasn't been reached lately. For example, if you choose "BandwidthBurst KBytes" and also use that for your BandwidthRate, then you will never use more than kilobytes per second; but if you choose a higher BandwidthBurst like 5 MBytes , it will allow more bytes through until the pool is empty. If you have an asymmetric connection upload less than download such as a cable modem, you should set BandwidthRate to less than your smaller bandwidth Usually that's the upload bandwidth.

Otherwise, you could drop many packets during periods of maximum bandwidth usage - you may need to experiment with which values make your connection comfortable. Then set BandwidthBurst to the same as BandwidthRate. Linux-based Tor nodes have another option at their disposal: they can prioritize Tor traffic below other traffic on their machine, so that their own personal traffic is not impacted by Tor load.

A script to do this can be found in the Tor source distribution's contrib directory. Additionally, there are hibernation options where you can tell Tor to only serve a certain amount of bandwidth per time period such as GB per month. These are covered in the hibernation entry below. When browsing an Onion Service, Tor Browser displays different onion icons in the address bar indicating the security of the current webpage.

A green onion with a lock means:. A grey onion with a red slash means:. A list of our Onion Services is available at onion. Du kannst diese Webseiten mit Tor Browser erreichen. Viele Funktionen von Vidalia wurden in Tor Browser integriert. You can read all about that on our Trademark faq page. Nein, wir bieten keine Online-Dienste an. Eine List all unserer Software-Projekte gibt es auf unserer Projektseite. Es tut uns leid, aber Sie wurden mit Schadsoftware infiziert. Tor Project hat diese Schadsoftware nicht erstellt. Wir empfehlen es nicht, Tor zusammen mit BitTorrent zu nutzen.

Please see our community page for how to get involved! For sharing files over Tor, OnionShare is a good option. OnionShare is an open source tool for securely and anonymously sending and receiving files using Tor onion services. It works by starting a web server directly on your computer and making it accessible as an unguessable Tor web address that others can load in Tor Browser to download files from you, or upload files to you.

It doesn't require setting up a separate server, using a third party file-sharing service, or even logging into an account. Unlike services like email, Google Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer, or nearly any other way people typically send files to each other, when you use OnionShare you don't give any companies access to the files that you're sharing.

So long as you share the unguessable web address in a secure way like pasting it in an encrypted messaging app , no one but you and the person you're sharing with can access the files. Viele Austritts-Knoten sind so konfiguriert, Filesharing mit z. BitTorrent zu blockieren. BitTorrent in particular is not anonymous over Tor. A web application web app , is an application that the client runs in a web browser.

App kann sich auch auf Software beziehen, die du auf mobilen Betriebssystemen installierst. Pluggable transports are a type of bridge that helps disguise the fact that you are using Tor. Tor Browser verhindert Fingerprinting. Checksums are hash values of files. If you have downloaded the software without errors, the given checksum and the checksum of your downloaded file will be identical.

Tor Browser speichert keine Cookies. Wenn du Software von torproject. The ExoneraTor service maintains a database of relay IP addresses that have been part of the Tor network. It answers the question of whether there was a Tor relay running on a given IP address on a given date. This service is often useful when dealing with law enforcement. Mozilla Firefox ist ein kostenloser und quelloffener Webbrowser , der von der Mozilla Foundation und ihrer Tochtergesellschaft, der Mozilla Corporation, entwickelt wurde.

A firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. This traffic filter is based on predetermined rules. A firewall typically establishes a barrier between a trusted, secure internal network and another outside network but it can also be used as a content filter in the sense of censorship. Sometimes people have trouble connecting to Tor because their firewall blocks Tor connections.

You can reconfigure or disable your firewall and restart Tor to test this. Flash Player is a browser plugin for Internet applications to watch audio and video content.

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You should never enable Flash to run in Tor Browser as it is unsafe. Es ist als Einweg-Funktion konzipiert, was bedeutet, dass der Wert in eine Richtung leicht zu berechnen ist, aber nicht invertierbar. In Tor -Begriffen bezieht sich ein "Hop" auf traffic , der sich zwischen relays in einem circuit bewegt. Computer, Drucker zugeordnet ist, das an einem Computernetzwerk teilnimmt, welches das Internet-Protokoll zur Kommunikation verwendet.

Die mittlere Position im Tor-Circuit. A standardized internet domain name used by onion services that end in. Diese Websites verwenden die. Android und iOS sind die dominierenden mobilen Betriebssysteme. Orbot is a free app from The Guardian Project that empowers other apps on your device to use the internet more securely. Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic and hide it by bouncing through a series of computers around the world. Tools, die Tor verwenden kann, um den von ihm ausgesendeten traffic zu tarnen. Ein Proxy ist ein Mittler zwischen einem client wie ein web browser und einem Dienst wie ein web server.

Anstatt sich direkt mit dem Dienst zu verbinden, sendet ein Client die Nachricht an den Proxy. Der Dienst kommuniziert nur mit dem Proxy und sieht auch nur ihn. Additionally, the private key can be used to create a signature to prove the identity of the creator of a message or other files. Du kannst Satori im Chrome Web Store installieren. Das spezielle Adressformat von onion addresses ist selbstauthentifizierend. Dieser Satz von freiwilligen Relais wird als Tor-Netzwerk bezeichnet. Your internet activity, including the names and addresses of the websites you visit, will be hidden from your Internet Service Provider ISP and anyone watching your connection locally.

In the second case, Tor Launcher will take you through a series of configuration options. Wenn etwas mit Tor schief geht, siehst du vielleicht eine Option mit der Fehlermeldung "Tor-Protokoll in die Zwischenablage kopieren". Tor Messenger ist nicht mehr in der Entwicklung. A button marked by a little gray onion to the right of the URL bar. Leute im IRC verwenden oft tpo , um torproject. Zum Beispiel ist trac. Traffic sind die Daten, die von clients und servers gesendet und empfangen werden. A website mirror is a one-to-one copy of a website that you can find under other web addresses.

Eine aktuelle Liste der torproject. We track all Tor Browser 8 related issues with the ffesr keyword. In the subject line of your email, please tell us what you're reporting. The more objective your subject line is e. Sometimes when we receive emails without subject lines, they're marked as spam and we don't see them. If none of these languages works for you, please write on any language you feel comfortable with, but keep in mind it will take us a bit longer to answer as we will need help with translation to understand it. You can always leave comments on the blog post related to the issue or feedback you want to report.

If there is not a blog post related to your issue, please contact us another way. We may not respond right away, but we do check the backlog and will get back to you when we can. For reporting issues or feedback using email lists, we recommend that you do on the one that is related to what you would like to report. For feedback or issues related to Tor Browser, Tor network or other projects developed by Tor: tor-talk. For feedback or issues related to our websites: ux. For feedback or issues related to running a Tor relay: tor-relays. For feedback on content related to Tor Browser Manual or Support website: tor-community-team.

If you've found a security issue in one of our projects or in our infrastructure, please email tor-security lists. If you've found a security bug in Tor or Tor Browser, feel free to submit it for our bug bounty program. If you want to encrypt your mail, you can get the GPG public key for the list by contacting tor-security-sendkey lists. Here is the fingerprint:.

The tor-project channel is where Tor people discuss and coordinate daily Tor work. It has fewer members than tor and is more focused on the work at hand. You are also welcome to join this channel. To access tor-project, your nickname nick must be registered and verified. Log onto tor. See How can I chat with Tor Project teams? Then, to complete the registration and ultimately gain access to the tor-project channel, your nickname must be verified.

Look for the word verify and log in there. It may appear that nothing has happened. Look at the top of the page, and there will be a column called Account.

Installierte Plugins

You can toggle back and forth between channels by clicking on the different channel names at the top left of the IRC window. If your nick is already being used, you will get a message from the system and you should choose another nick. After a few seconds, you will automatically enter tor, which is a chatroom with Tor developers, relay operators and other community members.

There are some random people in tor as well. You can ask questions in the empty bar at the bottom of the screen. Please, don't ask to ask, just ask your question. People may be able to answer right away, or there may be a bit of a delay some people are listed on the channel but are away from their keyboards and record channel activities to read later.

If you want to chat with someone specific, start your comment with their nick and they will typically receive a notification that someone is trying to contact them. Yes, deb. Do not use the packages in Ubuntu's universe. In the past they have not reliably been updated. That means you could be missing stability and security fixes.

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Please, use Tor Debian repository. The Tor Project maintains its own Debian package repository. Since Debian provides the LTS version of Tor that this might not always give you the latest stable Tor version, it's recommended to install tor from our repository.

To enable all package managers using the libapt-pkg library to access metadata and packages available in sources accessible over https Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. We provide a Debian package to help you keep our signing key current. It is recommended you use it. Install it with the following commands:.

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Unsere Website wird blockiert. Kann Tor Browser den Benutzern helfen, die Website trotzdem zu erreichen? Kann jemand feststellen, welche Webseiten ich besuche, wenn ich Tor Browser verwende? Why is it called Tor? It's also got a fine translation from German and Turkish. Does Tor remove personal information from the data my application sends? How is Tor different from other proxies? Doesn't the first server see who I am? Can't the third server see my traffic? Can I distribute Tor?

What programs can I use with Tor? Is there a backdoor in Tor?

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There is absolutely no backdoor in Tor. Tor-Browser I'm supposed to "edit my torrc". What does that mean? Note the Library folder is hidden on newer versions of macOS. To navigate to this folder in Finder, select "Go to Folder What is the difference between using Tor Browser and 'Incognito mode' or private tabs? Kann ich Tor mit einem anderen Browser als Tor Browser benutzen?

Bei Verbindungsschwierigkeiten zu einem onion-Dienst, siehe Ich kann einen onion-Dienst nicht erreichen Bearbeite diese Seite - Feedback vorschlagen - Permalink. How do I install Tor Browser? Gmail warns me that my account may have been compromised Sometimes, after you've used Gmail over Tor, Google presents a pop-up notification that your account may have been compromised. Why does Google show up in foreign languages? Warum meldet mein Tor Browser, dass Firefox nicht funktioniert? This cookie is used to track how many times users see a particular advert which helps in measuring the success of the campaign and calculate the revenue generated by the campaign.

These cookies can only be read from the domain that it is set on so it will not track any data while browsing through another sites. Sie werden nur verwendet, um die Funktionsweise komfortabler zu machen und die Website zu verbessern. The purpose of the cookie is to map clicks to other events on the client's website. IDE 1 2 years Used by Google DoubleClick and stores information about how the user uses the website and any other advertisement before visiting the website.

This is used to present users with ads that are relevant to them according to the user profile. Wir verwenden hier Cookies, um Ihnen eine bessere Nutzererfahrung zu bieten. Notwendig Notwendig. To note specific user identity. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies.

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